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Rona Sweeney

Rona Sweeney joined the Scottish Prison Service (SPS) in 1987 as an Assistant Governor and enjoyed a 25 year career during which she worked with all categories of prisoners and developed a strong understanding of prison communities. Her last role as a Governor was at HMP Shotts following which she moved to a role as Deputy Director of Prisons and then, on promotion, to Director of Prisons. In this role she was accountable for performance in public sector prisons, other responsibilities included operational readiness, psychological and legal services. In this role Rona was Project Executive for a number of change initiatives including the opening of HMP Low Moss, revision of Prison Rules and revision of risk assessment processes which underpin prisoner progression. Throughout her SPS career she retained an involvement in prisoner casework and interventions to facilitate the reduction of risk of reoffending. From 2012 to 2015 Rona worked in Scottish Government primarily in a policy role in Employability and Skills. Rona was appointed to the Board in August 2015.

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